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True Concord Voices & Orchestra values your support!

Your support through annual giving, ticket purchase and volunteerism helps True Concord reach increasingly more people in southern Arizona and beyond in our mission to create experiences that move, enrich and inspire.

From True Concord's Board Chair, Clyde Kunz:

A few weeks ago – as a preventive measure for the benefit of our musicians, our audience members, the families who host visiting singers, and our staff – the True Concord Board of Directors made the difficult and extraordinary decision to postpone our last concert of the season – the Bach B-Minor Mass – until next season (date to be determined).

We did not make this decision lightly.

For many of the musicians of True Concord, both singers and instrumentalists, the revenue they earn from performances is their primary source of livelihood.  For that reason, when the Board took this action, it made two additional, but very important, decisions:

  1. Musicians traveling from outside Tucson who had already purchased airfare will be compensated for any non-refundable tickets they purchased; and
  2. All musicians are being offered an advance of one-half of the performance fee they would have received by performing the Bach concert – to be paid back over their future performances with True Concord when the situation has stabilized.

Immediately after notifying the singers and orchestra members of this decision, we began receiving notes of both thanks and concern.  Thanks that we truly had their best interests in mind, concern because other organizations have cancelled scheduled performances and the income the musicians were counting on, and thanks for being an organization that was actually offering some financial help.

As you can well imagine, these decisions will have a significant financial impact on our organization.  We make them nonetheless, in the interest of the health and safety of all involved, and in a deep commitment to the wellbeing of the professional musicians that are True Concord.

In an attempt to address some of the financial challenges that lie ahead, the Board has established a “Musician Relief Fund” to help shoulder the burden.

We are asking our loyal supporters to consider a gift to our ongoing operations as well as a contribution to this important fund.

Your generous support is appreciated more than you know, and will ensure a strong start to next season.  We know that an additional contribution to the Musician Relief Fund may not be possible for everyone, but – for those of us who can – we ask for your generosity in helping with that as well.

When making your gift, please indicate the portion of the gift that you intend be designated to the “Musician Relief Fund.”

I want to thank all of the True Concord family for sticking with us during these times that are so uncertain and so very difficult for us all.  And I thank you in advance for your continuing support of True Concord and the musicians who comprise this amazing and talented group.

With profound gratitude,

Clyde Kunz, Chair
Board of Directors

True Concord is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your gift may be tax-deductible to the extent allowed by current law and personal tax circumstances.

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